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To say the least, as that’s all I can say because I don’t know much about watts, the mindset of living fully in the moment isn’t something I totally endorse. I know many who would rather have a vibrant ongoing time and live until wherever it is they end… but man some people actually give a ■■■■ about each other. Embracing the moment ain’t bad at all, but part of worrying about the future is assuring survival, not just for the self but for loved ones also, and beyond that facilitating good dependable moments in the future.

Gotta say man I haven’t been very keen on enjoying many moments in this life. Sometimes the enironment is right for a few minutes of really taking it in and very rarely the occasional person draws me into a state of enjoying the appreciation of moments around them. That’s sober stuff. Other than that I struggled for years to keep the moment interesting with drugs. It worked to an extent, but that’s it.

Watts wrote all this a long time ago. It was kind of a different world then. There was space. Public broadcasting and the media weren’t bombarding our souls with basically a multitude of garbage. They had space back then. More physical space per capita.

I can appreciate the beauty of the perspective, but regarding my free time. I feel I’m better off directing my thinking towards long term goals… It’s a balance everyone probably needs to find.

I think, as assumedly wise as he was, he was more just trying to get the point across that people should shrug off societal pressures and social hierarchies and concepts of long term self so that they might not be as prone to neuroticism or insecurity or other things that take them away from realizing when a good moment or even a nearly good moment should just be embraced instead of wondering how it fits into things.

That said it’s an utterly futile and heart-braking and I’m almost inclined to say self-centered approach to living. It’s nihilistic to say “the future doesn’t matter, we all just die at some point.”

Comfort to the masses and creating a culture with less emphasis on more abstract ideas of self or basing judgments of people based on their long term worth would not be a bad thing.

But man. Biggest heartbreak in my life are the loved ones I have who are addicts. They live by that philosophy to it’s fullest when they can. They become Jekyll and Hide. When sober they start concerning themselves with real life and when high they live in a fantasy world where they through all the fears away. They’re young and don’t realize that drugs are a core to themselves feeling displaced in life.

Having a secure financial future, like a retirement fund, is one of the most comfortable things a person can establish. You hit 40 or 45 and suddenly its basically done. If you start at 30 or 35 I mean… then it’s “well alright, smooth sailing, I just gotta survive until then and I’m scott free.”

I mean that’s my plan. Still having hiccups getting my life kick-started, but I will have one of those funds completed in that time-frame.

Middle class is dead dude. No rea inheritance for most. Families live renting or on mortgage they’re whole lives. The world is kind of going to hell. By and large the youth really are left to fend for themselves as far as finding a graceful way into being anything more than borderline poor.

Pretty ■■■■■■ odds, but it’s damn near suicidal to live like a wisp in the winds. The philosophy is pretty, but dude, there a billion potential things that can be done on everyone’s parts to curb this run-away train system of economic exploitation.

Potentially spreading this philosophy is important, but I’d keep it curtailed to, “oh it’s crucial to maintain having a positive connection to the world and ever so important to have optimism in the approach to evaluating each moment.”

A lot of discomfort with the world/future that people who are questioning it’s worth before they work for it… all stems from lack of security.

I’m going to be presumptious here, but 99% of anything you try regarding the expansion of your understanding or effort put into ones physical self or financial standing… pays off. Pays off big because eventually the natural niche shows itself and we all fit into the salt-shaker pachinko machine that is 7 billion heads all just trying to find a space and a place to puck their d***.

I mean ■■■■ it. Yeah worrying about the future is stressful. People are also sensitive as ■■■■ about themselves.

Dude life ■■■■■■■ blows man. I ain’t going through the chance away for something better because I’m young enough still to set up something enjoyable for myself. Either that or live here in the cultural wastes of the midwest and a semi-liberal town with no one but alcoholics and potheads to hang out with.

Man it’s stoner talk. I’ve been a futureless kid in the past who was just looking for a good-time in the mean-time… and man I gotta say it’s just depressing to have climbed up out of that and to see what responsibility is… even in regards to mental health… and look back and still interact with good friends who can find they’re way outof the perpetual rut.

You’re talking periodic starvation and phones beings disconnected or straight up lost and unable to be replaced. If you want to go further not a one of these old friends has a life that lack the presence of booze or drugs or has a kid.

Try convincing a mother that she shouldn’t care about her future? Sounds like a god damned crime. She’s got a kid for christ’s sake.

People worry, it’s not unhealthy… it’s a social burden at times, but it should totally be allowed.

That said I do agree. Good moments shouldn’t be taken for granted and should be remembered. Balance that futurist’s woe with past’s sentiment having faith that good times will come around again. Only if you bite that bullet though… dude some peoples lifes are ■■■■ up and down. There really isn’t enjoying moments at all. They have a abusive parents or are homeless… worse things out there to man.

Just my thoughts man. I find this guy triggering as hell.


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