Al-Anon help line

We have a lot of talks about alcoholism and offer advice on how to quit drinking, etc.

However, we don’t often discuss how alcolism affects family and friends. So if you are affected by someone else’s alcoholism, here’s a number for you. This is to Al-Anon, an organization that helps friends and family of alcoholics.



Whenever my Mom drinks a couple beers she talks alot and is in a good mood normally shes a crab


Here’s their website


I used to go to Al-Anon meetings. It was very helpful.

They also have Zoom meetings and online forums. I really liked the forum, as it was strictly text only. The group leader would create a post and you could respond with your own at your own pace.

Here’s a link to search Al-Anon electronic meetings:


Al anon helped me. Unfortunately when I was going I was very sick and I thought people were acting and the government was influencing people and their reactions when I was there so I didn’t go long. I don’t really know if they were or if I was just imagining it. It felt real to me.

But long story short I don’t feel responsible anymore. That helped me immensely.

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