Hello friends,

I want to ask somebody with information or experience,
I take zeldox+leponex+akinestat…I am drinking alcholol before take the pills, there is no any problem, never!
I changed akinestat with akineton…I drunk three beers and take the doze zeldox+leponex+akineton…I started to feel very relaxed, started pictures in my head, which is creepy. I started to be scared, I checked my blood presure, it was 170/110…in the morning there is nothing.

so is the difference between akinestat and akineton?
I know that they are the same

thanks guys

I can only tell you that when i was in high school we used to take akineton as a cheap drug. It gives you sort of an euphoric feeling and all that you’re describing.

I take akineton in the morning, I think I never have experienced things like you both say.