Akathisia must be the worst side effect under the sun

Next level shiit !!

I would rather have any other side effect than this crap !!

Fook !!


I only have mild akathisia and i agree, it can be really annoying. I have never had to deal with a lot of side effects but it is probably the one i like the least.


I agree. You just keep on going… Keep on going… Pacing, restless…

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You are right - it is hell on earth

It’s the worst and I can’t find an AP that doesn’t give it to me

Does it happen right away when taking an AP or does it take time to develop?

For me it has gotten worse. Im on 20 mg zyprexa now. I first thought i just need to accept it but i cant :-1:

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Yep. I got it bad when I tried to switch to Abilify, had to stop taking it.

I had it bad on 20 mg Zyprexa we are on 10 mg now and it’s still a problem

Its definitely the only side effect I ever had that made me want to kill myself. That stuff is no joke. Horrible.

I take a medicine specifically to stop akathesia, are you not on an anti akathesia medicine?

Ohhhh jeez I hear you on this. Tell your doc that you need some ativan to combat the akathisia.

After you take your meds that might be causing it, be extra aware of what you’re feeling and if you feel it starting, take the ativan. It works for me, just don’t use it too much cuz it’s addictive.

Strangely, getting up out of bed and lying down on the couch waiting for it to kick in helps me too.

True. It’s the worst thing.
I had it for a few days until pdoc prescribed a med for it. I wanted to die because of it. It was terrible