Akathesia hell

I have had akathesia for about two years from taking antipsychotics for 35 years. It is worst about four hours after taking the medication and is hell for several hours. Today I did housework to relieve it some. Stretching exercises also help but I haven’t gotten in the habit yet. I’m glad I have this forum of people who suffer from sz and sza!


Quetiapine gave me akathisia hell but other meds not so bad. Are you able to take an ap that gives less akathisia?

What did you do differently for the last two years? Did you start a different med?

On latudy I have like 3 hours to get to sleep.
I usually eat a late din with it. Take care!

I have to take benztropine or I won’t calm down.

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I’m going to try rexulti and stretching exercises. I did the exercises today for five minutes and they really helped!


Benztropine helps mine. I hope you feel better soon

I can’t imagine having akathisia for two years, that would be a nightmare. I’ve had it before on different meds but it eventually went away for me. I would just pace around the house for hours when I had it. Hope you find some relief from this soon.

I was truly surprised at how well the stretching exercises worked today. I was at my wit’s end thinking maybe it was time to die, I did the exercises and I was fine!

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