Airplane anxiety

Flying to Seoul, South Korea 14 hours, I am usually anxiety ridden on an airplane, What are some ways to calm down and make time go by faster?

Oooh what are you doing there, I’ve been to South Korea too.
Just remind yourself that flying on a plane is safer than driving a car. Statistically.
Try to sleep if you can, don’t go sleep the night before


I ask my dr for clonazepam and also take gravol which helps with nausea and sleep.

Many travelers experience anxiety during plane travel, despite knowing it is a very, very safe mode of transportation. Worldwide nearly 3 million people fly safely every day. Anxiety may be lessoned by simple relaxation techniques or antianxiety medications (such as Valium or Ativan).

Get an aisle seat, as you feel in control. Turn the overhead air vent up full volume and let that wonderful clean cold air cascade over you. It will cool you, calm you and keep you safe from nearby germ-ridden people.

Keep your seat belt fastened when seated. If there is any turbulence, then look straight ahead, keep that cold air pouring over you from above, close your eyes, and imagine you are a World War II waist gunner on the side of a B-17 and you have to protect your plane and crew from the buzzing enemy fighters. Works for me every time.

All the best.

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Have your doctor give you an Ambien and a muscle relaxer if you’re not in business class. I used to fly from Japan to the US all the time and that’s what my doctor did for me but after getting so many air miles I got upgraded to business class for free. That was nice.

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