Ah, vain Ceaser, beware the Ides of march

Birthday coming up in March.


Mine is in March too



No, Aries :smile:

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I turned 57 January 1st. My how time flies.


It’ll be april for me… the big 2 7

or 3 cubed… which is cool been nearly two decades since I was 2 squared

and I most certainly won’t make it to being 4 tesseracted (256)


My goal is to live to be 9 squared.
I could never quite figure out how the Quadratic Equation worked. Man, I wish I would have learned that. In fact just today, I was doing my laundry across the street at the laundromat and three different people came up to me at different times within one hour and said, “Excuse me sir, could you please tell us how to use the Quadratic Equation to figure out how many coins we need to put in the washing machine”? I felt deeply ashamed that I didn’t know how to help them and I regretted always sleeping through during my Algebra II class in high school.

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Hmmm I forget what the quadratic was even about…