Ah to be young again

Albeit I am only 27…

I found myself jealous of a girl who appeared to be younger… maybe early 20’s at the store.

My prime was in my early 20’s… from 21-22 to be exact🥲 sz hit the same month I turned 22…

But man, what i would give to be 19-22 again…

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I’m 37 and to me anybody in their 20s is a god with superpowers.

Immune to arthritic pain and weight gain, able to run if need be, plenty of energy, closest thing to superhero I can think of.

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Ahhh to be 27 again. lol or even 37 for that matter. I’m 48 and out of shape so I envy you. Enjoy it while you can. Then again, I could say the same thing to myself. At least I’m not 68.

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I didn’t start living till I was 29. Surprisingly I got onto medications and started living with reduced paranoia. I’d have to say 30-40s was my prime. 40s to 50s went by so fast!

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Haha well I am in my 20’s and I am definitely not immune to weight gain anymore😂

But I have never had that super power…

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LOL, I know… I feel like I’m being ungrateful of my current age… but I can’t help but reminisce…

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Glad to hear there could still be more to look forward to from 30-40🙂

I want to get in shape again…

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My bony ass used to eat a whole container of ice cream in one sitting just because then I’d drop kick the container into the trash.

Well one of those is true.

I think it’s funny when my doctor calls me young. Then a few seconds later I find it scary lol.

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I’m 54 and I feel pretty lucky. I hope I live for a lot longer feeling relatively good. I don’t want to go back. There was a lot of torment in my past that it took till fairly recently to get away from.

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You couldn’t pay me to go back to my early twenties.

Chronic hangovers, going out EVERY night, sleeping around.

I mean, it sounds fun as I’m writing it,

But it’s not sustainable.

I had a lot of miserable days in my twenties due to poor choices.

Thirties are much better.

The skin care is more expensive,

But it’s a lot more fun.

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Sorry but your twenties still sounds good to me

Then again I also didn’t get sick til 30 so I associate being a normie with being in my twenties.

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