Agoraphobia what to do

I am unable to go out by myself …I need someone to come with me in my family …I can’t stay at a place alone if my family dropped me off …I even was bit resistant to meet my therapist alone without my father …I feel fearful and scared but no anxiety sometimes anxiety to be alone …I can stay home alone …but with assistance of my father doing FaceTime periodically during that time …anyone else i the same boat ?

I had extreme panic disorder and agoraphobia as well…I learned to “beat it” by learning to disengage from the fear…have you had panic attacks in the past? If you don’t learn to overcome your fear of anxiety and agoraphobia it won’t go away…I know I am making this sound easy but it really wasn’t in overcoming the fear…baby steps…I used to carry a note in my pocket to give to a stranger at the grocery store at the cashier in case I had a panic attack while buying food…my mother had to go everywhere with me before I beat the fear…no bad in that…but it is a temporary solution…fight the fear and take back your life.

I used to have terrible agoraphobia before I went on Zyprexa. I couldn’t go out unless my husband was with me, and I had taken my PRN Klonopin. I couldn’t even open my window blinds. My paranoia was off the charts.

The Zyprexa got rid of that. Maybe if you can find the right AP for you, it would get better for you too. Are you happy with your meds the way they are?

Great I will follow those steps by trying to beat my fear

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I am. I’m comfortable at home but my husband is never gone long. But I don’t like going out alone

My meds are working in way that I don’t have weight gain and I don’t have adhendonia which I am scared to get on other meds and for positive symptoms it’s working to keeeo me sane however I have periodic times where I feel my enviirnement is weird and the way when I was in psychosis but for brief periods other than that I have a delusion about my mother in low and that’s it m ok

Doesn’t he go to work ?

No. He’s disabled too.

Oh ok …1222111

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Im alone for about 5-14 days at a time. I stay at my parents house in the city. Im usually fine by myself though.

I think the main thing is to force yourself out of your comfort zone. Yeah i hate going to the mall every other day to window shop and eat at the food court. I also spend alot of time walking around the lake with headphones, i mostly wear them so i dont get triggered by what people are talking about.

Whats the main reason you are scared to leave the house?

I get thought about kidnapping me or get scared that someone might follow me …in the gym my envoirment looks weird so I get scared …another reason is that I feel I will get psychotic break anytime which is my fear…

I’m the same way.
I’ve suffered with Agoraphobia for decades now.

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I used to get paranoid about being followed. Now that I have that controlled by Zyprexa, I have purposely watched cars driving behind me, and not once have I been followed by anyone. It was always a delusion.


I think meds got rid of my agrophobia 90%. I used to be scared of people and loud noises.

Yes I feel you it’s great u r not gaining weight and n zeprexa and still able to function 100 percent

Which meds got rid of ur agoraphobia?

Risperidone and now iM on prozac too.

I am on invega sister drug and when I was on risperidone I didn’t have agoraphobia but I was having huge weight gain

Yeah it caused me alot of weight gain too… but im happy with my meds combo.

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I am ok going out, as long as I am not followed no one is making negative comments, but don’t want to be around the wrong sort of people especially threatening, menacing, or dangerous people.