Agitation and diet

I feel more agitated and angry since stopping my diet. Now I wonder why I stopped the wellbutrin, I thought it was giving me these issues.


I jnow you want to preempt something from happening, but agitation usually subsides on its own

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I didn’t get agitation or anger issues since like a year

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You have been messing with your meds tho

After i stopped weed recently i had withdrawls agitation anger like harm ocd

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I don’t have that now but did when i overdosed on ldopa

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I was raging like two or three weeks ago over stuff that happened ten years ago i was throwing punches and swearing planning to kill

Now im fine

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I am also sweating more since I am eating more, feels like my adrenaline is high

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I think part of your problem is you’ll take a med or change something for a short duration of time, attribute something that happens to you to the med or change, which may or may not be related, then start all over with something else. And repeat.

I guess what I’m trying to say is you seem to lack patience. You need to give things time and not jump to conclusions.


Yes everyone tells me I lack patience but anyways the wellbutrin didnt help my negative symptoms when I took it for over a month before

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Did wellbutrin help your negative symptoms? @Bowens

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Idk maybe i am agitated as i got into an argument with my friend earlier at starbucks, we didnt fight or yell though

It seemed to give me more energy at first…like i had a hard time sitting still. But not so much lately. I do believe it is responsible for a mood boost.

I’m trying to figure out what the cause of my constant night sweats is lately, though. I’ve thrown wellbutrin in the ring as one of the possible culprits.

Sorry for the delay in response…I was trying to look up how long Ive been on wellbutrin…coulldnt find the day I started in history. My pdoc appts are usually about 3 months apart though…so I would guess ive been on it 3 months at 150mg and an additional 1 or 1.5 months on 300mg. so about 4 months altogether.

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I mean, you can probably see my mood boost on the forum. I spend about half my time joking , messing around and making myself laugh lately.

and I have a lot of crap on my mind too…

I think the 300 is picking up my mood significantly.

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Glad its helping you @Bowens

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I’m thinking about how I have maybe have been anxious about situations a bit more than usual though. And maybe a bit quicker to temper, like a few days to a week ago.

This is kind of what I was saying earlier, though. Do you attribute every little thing to the med…or is it lifes situations that are affecting you?

Is it making more anxious but giving me more energy? Is it making my temper quicker and giving me a mood boost?

Or is this all stuff IRL affecting you or some combination of the two.

This is why I feel I need to give it more time to judge it over the long haul.

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I feel more angry when hungry. It used to be like that when i did my diet but with time the anger and the hunger was gone

I know your asking bowens however I take Wellbutrin it’s the only antidepressant that doesn’t seem to make me manic lamictal for me is a godsend it saved me from a inevitable suicide I’m still not doing perfect however it definitely works

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I feel a bit more agitated angry and hyper since stopping my diet and eating more. But much less than when I was on Wellbutrin or on lower ap dose

Ldopa made me have mean thoughts. I insulted my friends but they know its my sz so they still talk to me

I feel too excited i think my thoughts are more negative too the diet made my mood better maybe i should go back to it i feel like â– â– â– â–  for not having a job i wish i never quit work in 2020

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