Agitated Mind

Has anyone felt that their mind is agitated - jumbled quick thoughts - other than meds - what have you found helps this? Thanks!

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tahini paste
b vitamins
omega 3’s
calming music
walk in nature :christmas_tree:
writting down what is annoying you :heart:
take care :alien:

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Yoga - don’t think about anything except holding the yoga pose & breathing…

Make a list for rest of day before you go into yoga class so you won’t have intrusive thoughts.

Eventually, you can sit there without thinking and not even worry about much.

In my experience, the only thing that really works against my agitation is drugs. Everything else is like trying to kill an elephant by throwing pebbles at it. Walking/exercising/meditating sometimes work when I do it but stops working when I’m done. Sometimes it makes the agitation worse.

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I try to do all the exhausting/boring “grunt work” - housework- when I get in these states.
Scrubbing the dirt off the floor is a good sweaty distracting to quiet the mind, and bonus clean house which feels great for the few short hours it stays clean.

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I do that too, had forgot about it. Doing housework is the best non-medical cure for agitation for me. And even if it doesn’t cure it when you try it, at least you got something done. Tidy home, tidy mind? IDK…

Yeah my mind is agitated. That’s a fact.

I exercise and study very hard, it helps. The meds help but they’re no cure. I’m also in psychotherapy.

I find that workouts make me feel normal. I’ve even checked my blood pressure before and after workouts and it becomes normal too. Before workouts it is high.

[quote=“Tomasina, post:1, topic:34932”]
what have you found helps this?
[/quote]Micronutrient dense foods like breakfast bars or cereals, or simply highly pleasurable foods like chocolates are what help calm my brain again. Yes, I am very in-tune with my brain being almost like a “pet”; it starts to get anxious when it needs visceral input or pleasure. Giving in alleviates it quickly.

Alas, if it is physically nourished, then the last thing that helps is either trying to force myself into a zen nap, or force myself into listening to music. I listen to riveting music, stuff that makes the battle spirit “dance”. Find a good musical outlet - genres or songs that match your mood and make you feel like you’re ascendng out of your situation.

Other than that, (Nutrition, Music, & Relaxation), not sure what to do - extra thinking & exercising just gets me more agitated if I’m not in the mood.

L-theanine, 300mg

The only thing that works for me has been meditation.