Afterlife and Proof?

Do you believe in

a. AFTER LIFE ? and which one ?

EASTERN - Rebirth and/or reincarnation.

DOGMATIC - Heaven or Hell

b. NO AFTER LIFE - Thats it - you are done with after death.

Which do you believe and WHY. Do you have any PROOF for your belief?.

voices told me that there is only heaven, because you cant do anything wrong in this life. even the worst mass murderer is going to heaven because he was destined to do what he did. this heaven is some sort of place where you live as a spirit and basically live your most desired fantasies, a place just for you.

i’d prefer that there is nothing after this life though. i was very much comfortable before being born.

I do have serious existential crisis. not asking this question because I care about the afterlife and so would not take away mine.

I am asking this since this is important for me…I need to KNOW the truth of existence.

Great concept to discuss on another site folks

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