After you realize delusions are not real

After realizing that delusions are not real and were delusions how do you feel? After psychosis I feel ashamed and guilty for the psychosis and anything that may have happened while in episode. Wish I could get past this. Had anyone felt like this and gotten past this?

Usually I feel disappointed.
From the grandiose feeling
to a feeling of humiliation.

Really silly and embarrassed when I realized how flat-out stupid I must have sounded for years. I would corner people and rant at them about aliens and nanotech. Stuff that turned out to be completely non-sensical. It makes sense when you’re in the thick of it, but then the flog clears and you feel like a right chundering moron.

I never really got over my delusions. I still believe in them. Eg., I still believe that God was talking to me all those many years. Just because He doesn’t talk to me anymore is irrelevant.


Probably feel something is missing or stupid, I guess. Lonely and weird.

I feel quite silly, to be honest. And scared I’ll fall down that rabbithole again if I’m not careful

Reflecting upon them tends to be vaguely embarrassing, mostly.

I felt empty, like my life was not real

I’ve had hundreds of delusions over the years during psychosis.

When out of psychosis some beliefs persist but they are mildy delusional. More beliefs than delusions.

Also Quantum Synchronicity is one cause of delusions. Only some people notice QS.


My delusions do not claim any single thing that I can remember, but my thoughts go according them. It is pretty weird and difficult.

I get over them because I suddenly can see clearly that they were delusions

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