After work i went for a walk down the midway



Did you feel young again? I used to love the fair. Haven’t been in years. Pretty good time except for the crowds.

When I was in high school or college Joan Jett played at our state fair. That was a good time.

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Wow, even though I was born in Tijuana, I’m sort of a small town person at heart. I spent a large amount of my youth in a town with a population of around 12,000. It has grown since. One thing I have found memories of is going to the County Fair. I wasn’t around in the 50’s but going to the county fair made me feel like I was on that scene of the Sandlot movie where they get chewing tobacco and go to the fair. It was a great experience.

This was before cell phones. The internet wasn’t readily available. My small town didn’t have any traffic lights. (Except this one old ass four way stop hanging from some cables that just flashed red lights in every direction… and there was only one in town.) We’d ride the gravitron and a number of other rides.

San Diego has a county fair too, in Del Mar. They have a ton of fried food there lol. Fried snickers, fried hamburgers, fried twinkies…

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