After The Rain

I woke up to the sound of thunder
I missed the insomniac Weather Channel programs
Like “Retro Forecast” and “Twilight”
But I didn’t miss the rest
As I’ve had terrible insomnia lately
My blood sugar reading was 92
Which was the 11th straight day of 100 or below
I ate breakfast and went out into the ink black outdoors
When I noticed it was no longer raining
I passed by my friend who was puffing on a cigarette
And took my walk
It was harder to see in the darkness
And I worried about stepping on uneven pavement
But I walked slow
And managed
I then sat down at the porch
With Trane’s “After the Rain”
Playing in my head
I did feel my arthritis
And still weigh a lot
But every little improvement
Is better than how I was before
And unlike Trane
I’m not gone yet


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