After the crisis: self-management and peer-support


This study produced some promising and statistically significant findings:

People who received the intervention were a quarter less likely to be readmitted than those in the control group (29% and 38% respectively)
Overall satisfaction with mental healthcare received was higher in the experimental groups. Now, this might seem obvious given that the control group was ‘just’ sent a workbook and the intervention involved time with a support worker. Nonetheless, it’s nice to know that people enjoyed it (one point to the humans!)
Although a similar number of people in both groups reported having read the booklet, a much higher number in the intervention condition reported using it to make written plans.

Some of the findings about the intervention did not reach or maintain statistical significance by the 18 month follow-up, however these trends are worth considering:

Those who were readmitted spent fewer days in acute care than the control group
They also had a longer period before readmission
They reported higher self-rated recovery scores than controls.

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