After solo sex, i don't feel tired at all, i feel calm, collective, refreshed and full of energy

I want to play video games after

is this odd?

What is solo sex ? You mean masturbating ?




I always want to play guitar afterwards lol


That’s what I feel weird about those NoFap movements. I think porn may be bad for your psyche, but I wouldn’t say the same for masturbation.


I do it every now and then.

Fapping is like crack; just breaking the cycle is hard enough.

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Hand Solo from Star Whores


It really isn’t a physical energy that i gain afterwords, i gain like a focus energy. I usually grab something to eat, maybe a coffee, then gaming.

After grabbing my lightsaber I feel one with the force.


Your video game controller must be sticky lol

I quit masturbating and found playing the piano more fun.

i’m not enjoying it much anymore, its wore off, none of those images do anything for me anymore, porn is boring, i’d rather use my imagination if it worked properly

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I used to do it before working out all the time when I was younger. It’s more distracting to be thinking about sex when I’m trying to lift weights :rofl:

I don’t masturbate.

I can make myself orgasm but the orgasm is not as intense when I’m by myself and it’s boring and I mean not that good at it.

I prefer interacting, contact , connection, intimacy, touch of a partner who you love and who loves you back , kissing , etc

I am celibate and don’t masturbate.

I can get turned on still though and can feel attracted.

I am waiting till I meet someone.

They say masturbating is good for your health and can release headaches but I do t wanna do it.

I don’t think I’m keen on porn and was happy my x didn’t watch it although he has Angelina Jolie on his walls.i didn’t mind that though.i bed with Angelina Jolie on the walls for two years.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:.

I masturbate 2-3 times a day. i don’t know how but i have a high sex drive.

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Yeah, it makes you want to do it more, doesn’t it?

98% admit to masturbating 2 % say they dont do it

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