After searching 12 years for bipolar disorder's cause, research team concludes


What a clickbait title in my opinion.

So we’re lumping bipolar 1,2, cylothymia and whatever else (sza) all together. Idk that seems problematic to me.

The “causes” didn’t seem too specific either. To be frank I was quite disappointed. I was expecting a different type of answer. Something in the brain or body.

Am I right in saying this study also had limited power, there were only 1000 some people in it. Is that considered a lot?

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Yeah, I don’t think it’s “an answer”, it’s some answers, and more questions.

1,000 people is a pretty well powered study, but most of the participants are white, so they could probably use more genetic diversity.


It’s just something else to throw into the big melting pot of findings.

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I didn’t even see the answers. There were supposed to be 7. I didn’t see anything like that. The list the gave was 6 and the one after that was way over 7. None of those things really had anything to do with a cause for anything.

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