After listening to this beat, I feel better and, I am playing it all day

After listening to this beat, I feel better and, I am playing it all day.

Age of empires was my favorite PC game growing up…

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I won Age Of Mythology complete Extended edition and Age Of Empires 3 complete edition on their forum contest.

Steam keys.

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I bought age of mythology too :smile:

I liked age of empires better

age of empires 2 conquers expansion :rabbit: was good

I still know all the cheat codes

Sometimes I get confused with cheat codes. More than ten years ago I played these games

and sometimes I would cheat codes and build more than 100 castles

back then it was like HEAVEN inside HEAD


no interest

no motivation

no joy

no pleasure

And, after I won the steam keys

I started playing AOM didn’t start AOE 3

Playing AOM is very very difficult

It’s a very very easy game and awesome game

but it became very very difficult becoz of illness

I’m unable to think of it,

unable to remember

unable to decide

unable to move the game

as if someone pressed the pause button and I’m paused

I am unable to start the game so that I can play it

I always get some other thought like

battery problem may happen


hardware problem may happen


Sorry it’s so rough for you. All those things will get better with time, recovery and a healthy lifestyle.

The cheat codes…

I remember “Robin Hood” was 1000 gold “Rock on” was 1000 stone “Cheesesteak Jimmy’s” was 1000 food “lumberjack” was 1000 wood aegis was a good one too

in fact you can find them all right here

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More than 10 to 13 years ago I played the original AOE too




and didn’t try AOE 3

never played

AOE online [ now discontinued and many are asking to bring it back - forum ]

also I didn’t play AOE Castle Seige it’s Windows 10 App game I guess.

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I never play AOE 1 or 3, just the second one and mythology. I think I played online, can’t remember for sure.

I tried the trial version for 3 and they made it way more complicated. The second one was perfect.

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Add on for aoe 2 Forgotten Empires Expansion

Add on for aoe 2 Age Of Empires 2 : Age of Chivalry