After last night

i think i would be okay if i was hurt for joy, as long as i’m mended afterwards. honestly though, i don’t think hurting for joy is natural. i would never hurt for joy.



some people like that sort of thing


i don’t want to hurt for joy. just the way i am. maybe that makes me less of who i’m suppose to be. maybe it makes me less of my own nature. but i don’t care. i’d be okay with being hurt though. just not the other way around.

I don’t hurt for joy unless it’s revenge. I’m kindve a vengeful person. Not gonna lie.

But not physically hurt them. Just with words and actions

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i’d be okay if i was hurt for joy, but i’d never hurt for joy. half a year ago, i used to watch the hurting for joy. didn’t feel healthy or natural, so i stopped.

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I need to hurt sometimes. After the pain comes joy and freedom. For me anyway. I don’t like seeing others hurt though.