After how much time your weight stopped increasing?

Since i am on the bigger dose of zyprexa i put two more kilos. I am too big already while i eat the same as before.
After how many months your weight got stabilized without considering diets?
Ill be gratefull if somebody shares his experience please :slight_smile:.

somebody noticed a stabilization of his weight after a certain time? and this, without diet please?

My weight didn’t stabilize until I put the effort into exercising and dieting. How are you doing with your dancing and bike?

My weight is pretty stable at 225 lbs after more than a year of 3 mg Paliperidone. I started at 185-ish thereabouts. I’m 5 foot 11 tall.

Dieting and exercise can get me there again, but I feel so darn tired all the time.

I gained a lot after I got married in 2009 and I sprained my ankle badly in 2010…I started dieting and exercise about 5 years ago and lost about 15lbs but have been in somewhat of a plateau since then however my muscle tone has improved over the past two years I think.

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My weight stabilized at 230 lbs. I was around 190 lbs., but my weight went way up when I took a pill for my blood pressure. My weight was around 170 lbs, but Haldol made me go up to 190 lbs. I just ate a big pan filled with spaghetti, butter, and parmesean cheese, so my weight might go up a little, but then it will go back down.

I try my bike now every day for 10 minutes or a bit more. I am in bad shape though. Its not nothing 16 years of inactivity, i am worried…