After CEREBROLYSIN I started anti psychotics after three months. Psychosis became worse

After CEREBROLYSIN I started anti psychotics after three months. Psychosis became worse.

CEREBROLYSIN improved my behaviour. Time to time I have anger outburst and negative thinking and bad mouthing as if it’s not me but someone is doing it to me using some sort of controls and

the question is who am I

Anyways CEREBROLYSIN clearly improves brain.

No matter what improves brain we schizophrenics seem to be not benefiting like 100% but the benefit is always there

I realized that nootropics and peptides do upgrade brain but our problem is

our brains are not functional and though we have structures of brain

these structures of brain are not connected to our consciousnes

as if something somehow severed the connections

is it dna defect or some chemical imbalance or wrong food or wrong medication

during pregnancy that severed the structures of brain connections and altered it somehow

for example I am more intelligent after using nootropics and peptides

but it seems I have multiple birth defects.

Many schizophrenics have a brain which is far better than mine.

My Mother doesn’t have Schizophrenia but her brain is way too weaker

than a normal human and yet she is little bit intelligent just the way I was born to her.

Anyways after three months I started abilify again.

I was so psychotic that I was having the worst hell of my life.

So as usual I withdraw from anti-psychotics and then start using them again.

Now, I conclude only Doctor’s advice must be considered

but I pat on my back for doing something on my own to upgrade my brain

and that is using nootropics and peptides

The peptides - CEREBROLYSIN is awesome but using Abilify was very dangerous

because any depression medication shouldn’t be used along with cerebrolysin

yesterday I was like in hell due to reactions.

Now I am okay.

So 20 amples of CEREBROLYSIN and 10 amples finished so after 4 days I will start

the last 10 amples.

Thanks guys I think this is the only update you need.

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Which ap do u take @anon93437440 …??? Are u woke up…??

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Abilify 10 mg or 15 mg

I woke at early, unable to have proper life. CEREBROLYSIN doesn’t give psychosis.

As I didn’t take anti-psychotics for over 3 months and as my brain improved a little,

it seems the psychosis area also got some boost.

Anyways Abilify made me okay-normal.

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