After being recovered, I feel my purpose is to help people

That’s it, guys. I want to help people be the best version of themselves or just make them believe they can overcome anything in life. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Some people tell me not to live the disease, but, after surviving and recovering from a psychotic break, you get different. I had many issues. I had positive and negative symptoms. I had all negative symptoms and I recovered from them. I think it’s possible for everyone to recover from them. If someone wants to talk about it, just send a message or share your story here. Maybe I can help you with some insights. But I must tell you that, in order to recover, things won’t be easy.


How did you recovere from the neggies?


I had many neggies:

  • Social withdrawal: I started taking memantine and it helped me a lot. I started not to fear people anymore because memantine modulates glutamate in my brain. It seems that curcumine can also help with that, but it takes time.
  • Avolition: I think there is no med for this one. I just started to do things and feel happy about it. If I brushed my teeth, I would tell myself: “hmmmm, at least I brushed my teeth today and I feel better because of it.” It’s kind like closing your eyes and thinking on the red color. When you open your eyes, you’ll find many things in red color around you. So remaining positive with your actions helps a lot with this one. Physical exercises help a lot. Right after my psychotic break I started doing physical exercises, even when I didn’t want to. I got better gradually.
  • Alogia: memantine helped me a bit, but the key is taking action and go talk to people. I have yet many rationalizations while talking to people. Connecting yourself with your emotions helps a lot, because you’ll be able to express them. If you feel happy, express your happiness. If you feel jealous, express your jealousy. It’s more a matter of learning how to express yourself again through your emotions.
  • Flat affect: smiling and laughing a lot in front of the mirror may help. I learned it from a book by Anthony Robbins.

I still want to take sarcosine in order to get better of some congitive issues and alogia. It’s an everyday war. You feel better when you face the music and don’t try to run away.


After recovery, I feel my purpose in life is to be friendly to everyone and bring joy to people’s lives.


I am not that altruistic but I see people on the street who ask me for money and I think, they would be in my shoes at the very least if they just lived on the straight and narrow and avoided drugs and took their meds and pushed themselves. So I don’t give them more money, I hope they will do something for themselves.

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I used to have awful negative symptoms as well. I have pretty much fully recovered from them. So I think you can recover to a considerable degree. I still am on disability pension, but things are much better for me than they were before.

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