After almost three years


I finally got approved for social security! Now i can move on with my life and really get my career in music going again.


Good luck with the music. That’s a long wait. Hopefully it frees up a lot of time to work on the work you really want to do.


Congratulations on getting social security! I know it’s a long process. And good luck with your musical pursuits.


It’s hard being on ssdi when you desire to work. But if you need it you need it.


Glad to hear you’re getting the support you need. Looking forward to hearing music clips (and also about the music production hardware – I’m a nerd).



I got approved within 3 months, first time. When I finally admitted there was a problem, I was way out there.


Woohoo!!! I think mine took 2 and a half.


I needed that, today. Had to take prn haldol. I regularly take risperidone 3x day. Thanks sooooooooo much.