After all, can you still orgasm?

I can’t. I feel bad to pleasure myself with all the depression and crazed in the world and my local environment. What you think ?

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Orgasms are overrated and boring


You can get orgasms in different ways. Food orgasms for example.


Can be meds so talk to doctor. It’s important in my life to still enjoy sex even if it’s alone. It’s fun for one thing.


We loose orgasm ability with age?

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Still operating. Gotta keep the machine in working order. BTW I’m 57. :grin:


I never heard or had an orgasm while eating food what are you talking about?

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Dopamine boost. Same principle.

You never ate the orgasm food? I can’t help you.
You can even get a workout orgasm.

lol okay, whatever you say I guess

You lose horniness with age I’ve found. You meet a partner make sure they are as horny as you and it’s all good…i’m moving into 52. I’m old but still think it’s important to have a healthy sex drive…even if it’s not what it used to be!


Exactly, quality for quantity.:gift_heart:

I had sexual side effects and can sometimes still have difficulty its just a matter of degrees. Its much better now.

Ask your care specialist.

Oh yeah just i dont shoot 3 feet into the air lol

I had orgasms in my feet once.

I tried herbal remedies, I could go on longer but then I get bored. It is mostly the intimate experience that freak us out. I feel good when I masterbate, but guilty because of my partner. I feel like sex is not fulfilling. Like it is not real, like I’m not myself. I miss sex…

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