Afraid to take a cahnce

ive been deprtessed last 2 weeks my sister who is doing a councelling course says i should see a councellor , i saw a councellor last year then it stopped! because of budget cuts also a woman coming round to see if i can do something with my social anxiety im afraid to let knew people in i dont know why i dont know what it will be and i am resisting it now i dont even know what i am talking about.

Life can be depressing dude. Sometimes I contemplate suicide just so I have something to do. As a schizophrenic I really doubt my capabilities and ability to find a place in this world. All I want is an easy job where I don’t have to deal with food or people, because they’re all telepathic pricks

thanks bryanashley i have been depressed lately what schizophrenics need is some fun and joy in their lives the last group i went to was called a wrap group a group of women talking about what they should do when they want to self harm etc i just want something fun in my life like you tho without other peeople. tc and thanks