Afraid to sneeze

Because my brother might attack me or yell at me.

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Has he ever done this in the past?

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leave the room?

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I ain’t leaving

No, maybe? Just paranoid too paranoid. Over-sensitive about everything. Probably because of too many bad experiences with my family in the past. Always telling me don’t do this, don’t do that.

Just sneeze next time and say ‘excuse me’, and carry on like nothing happened.

I know what to do. I just shouldn’t worry about it period. I don’t have to say anything. But, that’s though :wink:


How are you doing?

Yeah, had a good day today. I had a strong coffee late in the evening, so it’ll be ages before I fall asleep now.

aa that’s negativity and I hate it myself.
My son was affected by his Dad and constant negativity.
He had to get an apartment of his own that I helped him pay for.

Then everything changed for my son without the constant bad comments.
He eventually was able to graduate from trade school and after looking for 2 years and doing odd jobs, he finally got a job this summer installing air conditioners as a helper!

The nightmare is finally over after his dad put him in Jail for punching him.
But really the dad deserved it I think, but you can’t be punching anyone in life or you may go to jail., lesson learned.

Sometimes it’s worth it. People can only take so much. People need to learn to leave people alone. I do what’s necessary. Lesson learned!!

No, but he has snapped at me violently and thrown things at me. I just feel traumatized. That’s probably why I’m so paranoid to really do anything.