Afraid to go anywhere alone

I’m afraid to go anywhere alone… It’s debilitating to me… Idk what to do it makes me kinda upset to know I’m this affected by something so small

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I think your tag line is apt

Do you find it anxiety or paranoia (Or both?)?

For me it’s so overwhelming, but the Pregabalin I remember before I started that the social type of anxiety was really bad

But it got a bit better

Not perfect, but better

Hope you can work this out

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@Joker thank you

It’s both, even then thought causes anxiety and fear I can’t do it anymore and it’s gotten really bad recently and idk why… I don’t think I can go to group therapy anymore

Hmm. It’s a hard one to answer. I have this problem where they feed off each other

Think the main thing that would help is to at least eliminate one of them, then I think it would be less volatile

Do you have an appointment soon to talk this through with someone?

I found group therapy very hard to cope with, but I am sure it helps some people

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@Joker I talk to my therapist tomorrow and my pdoc soon too

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Wish you luck with the appointments.

I write things down a lot for them

Not sure about you, but I find those appointments very provoking for issues

But if when you’re in a calmer state and can verbalise the issues clearly on paper, it helps them to understand a lot I guess

What I found was my appointments became a lot more productive as a result

You may already be doing this

I just find being able to rationalise the thoughts and outcomes you want on paper works as a good guide

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@Joker thank you I might give that a try

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@Joker funny thing about my tag line is it’s a line in a song

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So’s mine! What song is it from? I’d like to listen to it

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It has flashing lights but here it is @Joker

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I’m afraid to go to crowded places alone.
I need my mother

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I feel sorry for you. What do you think causes these social anxieties and fear ? I am afraid of nothing and no one , the bullies and ■■■■■■■■ got afraid of me a long time ago .

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@Om_Sadasiva I got my husband and mom

@FreedomNow I’m not sure why it just got bad all of a sudden

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I recommend lion’s mane. The one I used was from RealMushrooms, on Amazon so i cannot vouch for any other brand.

I used to need my husband in my sightline all the time when we went out. Using the supplement, I have now been able to go off on my own shopping. First time in over20 years.


@anon4362788 that’s awesome

It is and it was a game changer.

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I’m afraid to be alone out in public and at home.
It’s high anxiety and definitely some paranoia in my case

It’s debilitating

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I usually reported this right time to Doctor. During the stay in the hospital once, I needed to walk hand by hand with a lady who can be my mother, to city center into crowed, accompanied by nurses (one or two). This will be gone, according to my experiences. Give yourself hope, work together with Docs and social therapist and so on. :handshake:

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In many cases, even if I lack of words (of course I am not able to do this, because Schizo. is there), I tried to find out fine words, intentionally to let doctors to understand, that I will gain empathies, that to be handled by them; meanwhile it’s fun to know myself – a deeper one, consciousness. One of my german friends put his feelings into styled literatural text. They are fine words.

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Hey I just ordered a jar of real mushrooms lions mane. It says two tablets a day. Mind if I ask if you take both at once or split?