Afraid saboteurs want to steal my books

I dont wanna leave my home
lest burglars steal my favourite books.
Is it normal?

I would think potential burglars would be more interested in things like cash, jewelry, electronics, etc.

I just can’t see anyone bothering with a bunch of books.

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Yes, everyone says that.
Probably correct

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You cant solve your paranoid thoughts and anxiety by logical thinking.because those thoughts are indication of hormonal imbalance of your have to be consult with your wishes

Hi. How are you doing with clozaril?
Gaba like depakote imo helps with anxiety better than benzos and last 24hours

You can be what you have. If you do not have something then you cannot do or be something where you need to have the thing. So, what difference it makes.

Only a communard would nick you commune books, you are in good hands. The worst that could happen is that you spread the word by having your books stolen. Propaganda by the deed.

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