Afraid of words

It’s a temptation to live like a dog. All too often, words I’ve heard have been used to hurt someone.
“Be guarded in thy speech.” And if you’re going to shoot arrows, make sure you’re on target.
I wonder if this is the appeal of pets - love without words to foul it up.


My cat meows a lot, and I’m not sure, but I think he’s complaining. I feel a little offended because we take really good care of him. :wink: But in all seriousness, I sometimes wish I could be one of those monks that takes a vow of silence. There’s something to that!

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There’s a great documentary about that called Into Great Silence. Check it out!

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With words, once they are said, they are out there in the universe. You can’t take them back which doesn’t bode well for people with sz. Sometimes, when I am at work, I think all I need to say to someone is something inappropriate and I’ll lose my job. Words are precarious and I’m careful which words I choose.