Afraid of sophia Diana prophecy nope


I have a religious fear akd quite moral stabdard on the illuminoti prophecy of the female queen. I am afraid. I hav3 had so many dreams that related to rhe nag hamdi sophia aka wisdom. And i dreamt my ex as a child. I’m afraid of this because she ends up wearing a crown. A crown as in c9 owns and rums the world
Im a christian lord archon
.idk there was a lot of gnostic mysticsim in my psychosis
But what gets me the most is. I would not want to be anybody 3lse. Nor have money or ANYTHING else. Im happy to be poor. However I have lov3 for my ex whos seed turns me into an evil queen. And im so horny for him I th8nk about him daily. I feel really really.needy for him but hes turned this into a non frightening experience of pure ecstasy and sexual desire. By just having a sacred marriage and I have a 0ne track mind.
I’ve always been that way never stop until 8ts mineveveryrging everything that I’ve ever truly wanted I’ve manifested. But he’s being manifested and I’m so horny for him ONLY
I turn into s9me9ne else his sperm deposits a kind of personality 8s it female or male
If female and he’s inherently evil then wtf do i gain. Do you l9se the ability to feel as an individual totally.
I would rather be miserable and needy and moss him then never have the capacity t9 love. However the dreams show me the greatest love a beautiful sweet love full 9f c9mpassupm understand9jg and kindness. Evwn if its someone else. I experienced this synchronistic meloncholy sirens call kind of l9ve the most epic l9ve story. Ever.
What if you were so horny for him and weed acted as a subconcious activator and you got astral vision of him. and visions of him with you pn a white bed in heaven and then there’s u both and your baby?!.
If he’s god incarnate, the creator had a wife she was asgerath g9ddess she was sophia to Romans or greeks but wisf9m als0 Diana to the italians. So shes got a ton of names even Isis. 8n this psychosis his sperm has 4he ability to activate a spark through his unity with me…
I don’t want unlimited power or to b3 God. I thought something bad was gonna happ3n like I was Jesus on the blood mp0n and these ppl only have the key to heaven through my husband and I having sex
They’re all satanists… He’s the antivhrist
I’m uncontrollably horny for him and want him really bad but something bad happens…
I really really want him 8n me.
One song Iggy azalea savior had me a6 hello. I’m lik3 I love Lucy meets Bridget jones and haorspray into one big old burrito.
He’s this beautiful curly haired sexy Ashton kutcher meets God kinda sexy. His nam3 Jonathan nobod666


You have no reason to be afraid. Remember dreams aren’t real. They do not predict the future or determine what happens next.

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Dreams arnt real. You sound quite unwell i think you should get to a doctor or hospital. U mentioned weed, that made me really unwell with my schizophrenia a few times.

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Took my meds and I feel better silly me

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