AFC Championship

I think Joe Burrow and the Bengals are going to the super bowl.

It ain’t over yet.


Geaux Joe!


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Not a Bengals fan but an LSU fan and since the Saints are out. Geaux Bengals!!

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Learned a valuable lesson give the refs all the technology in the world and they’ll still cheat you

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My cousin played for LSU when they won the National Championship in 2003 with Nick Saban. He went on to play for the Chiefs.

Their whole family was still rooting for Burrow and the Bengals.

Kansas City dominated the first half and kept Burrow and Chase rather ineffective. The defense made some key plays but at least Burrow didn’t get sacked 11 times like in the last game.

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I’m rooting for the Rams because I want to see Matt stafford get to the Super Bowl and win

I was rooting for the Bills but they got eliminated.
They are one of my favorite teams.

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Now it’s NorCal vs SoCal. I don’t have a favorite in that one.

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