Advice regarding a cough and a depot?

I was due my depot today at the health centre. But these last three days I have had a tricky cough. In the uk you are currently not allowed in a health centre if you have a cough for COVID reasons.

Spoke to a member of the community nursing team yesterday. We agreed that I get a covid test and we would take it from there.

Did a ‘lateral flow’ covid test (test you do at home. You get lots off the government). It came back negative for covid.

Went to phone the nurse I spoke to last night but they are not in office today. My named nurse is back in tomorrow.

I suppose this means I have to wait until at least tomorrow to get my jag. Is no major hassle - because the jag is long acting you get a bit of flexibility over injection times.

Just checking I am doing all that is required of me:

  • I notified them about my cough
  • I took a government covid test which came back negative
  • I tried to inform the nurse my test was negative (although I still have a cough and am a wee breathless)

I don’t want to piss any of the health team off. Am I doing everything right?


I had a similar cough back when the covid virus was just hitting the news, and I was almost certain I had covid, but I got checked, and I didn’t have it. I got both my vaccination shots. I would say you did everything right. Be assertive. Get them to give you your vaccination shots.

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Cant they give it you at home? I know most CMHTS have a CPN or District Nurse that goes round the houses dishing the jags out.

Maybe its worth ringing and asking them?

Mine just texts me with an hours notice.

Sorry you got a cough - maybe its cos you gone back on the baccy?

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Yeah I think it’s most likely from the old drum blue.

Got a missed call from the NHS number from my county. I expect it’s from the depot nurses. Phoned the office back and the secretary says she will get on the case.

Hopefully I get my jag today. I have got the cash here for a taxi ride to the health centre


Save your taxi money mate, let them do the running about and visit - thats what they are paid salarys for.

Yeah, Drum Blue makes me cough too - thats why i mentioned it lol.

I hope you get it sorted. Let me know how you get on.

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Will do big fella, will do!


So am getting my depot tomorrow! Looking forward to it


ah that’s good =)
Good luck with the depot!

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Well done. Glad you sorted it.

I honestly dont see a bit of difference on mine - but of course i got the pills as well.

You got it at home then?

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Yes. You did everything right.

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Nah mate is tomorrow morning. Gonna go to them for it. They are totally busy so I said I would go to their building for the jag.

Will do me good to push my comfort zone anyway. Barely left the house in this pandemic

You never know I might get a greggs!

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Sorry guys I screwed up. I thought a negative result on the home test kits allowed me to declare myself covid free.

But if you have symptoms you have to have the much more sensitive PCR test. Just found out. Have ordered a test. Should arrive by Friday.

So may have to self isolate until Sunday/Monday. The depot will have to wait. Am also on AP tablets so should be ok. Have gone an easy week without the depot before and that was fine

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Oh bummer. I hope the next test is negative. But I’m really glad you have APs you can take right now.