Advice Please

Hello I have been really lonly lately. and was hoping to get support. I know that this place could help me and my real world problems.


This site is a good resource for the lonely. It’s not as good as face to face interaction, but it beats the heck out of being alone at 4:00 am.


You will always find support here. Don’t feel lonely, because we are here for you.


I’m sorry you’re lonely. That’s so hard to deal with. Come on here often and join in. This is a very supportive community. Have you tried It’s get together of people looking to make new friends and have fun. There’s all kinds of groups on it. It’s a good way to meet people.

Hi. Here you can chat with people. If you want to make friends you can connect to social networks
like Facebook, and also you can try to look at specialized websites for finding friends.

You got us, bet you things get better though :blush:

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