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So my mom and I have been living together like five year. We split the bills half way. Me and my mom have never had any problem living together. There has been no fights or anything like that.

My sister just moved in about a week or two ago. We got into a tiff. It was over the fact that my sister didn’t want to get out of the car when there was enough room. I told her just get out. Didn’t want my mom to have to pull out the car for no reason. She yelled at me first I believe saying mind your own ■■■■■■■ business. I called her a brat.

Today I asked her for the garage remote so I could park in the garage. She refused and got all huffy puffy. My mom called for a meeting to discuss this. She is lying saying I’m being mean to her. Put me down saying my mom always sides with me and saying I’m dependent on my mom.

This is some bull ■■■■. She’s a complete brat always has been. I don’t know how to get the remote from her. What should I do?

Seems petty typing it out lol I tried making amends with her by saying so are we still mad at each other or something along those lines. I

I wanted to add that I stuck for my mom because my sister is play ol nasty to her. My mom told me don’t worry about me that she has her own voice. So I won’t stick up for her again.

Family politic is a hard thing. All I know is sometimes playing the mediating game lets you come out ahead. Sounds, from your description, that your sister plays a different game. You don’t have to be everyone’s best friend but just being pleasant enough without baiting them is the way I’d go. I don’t have to win every argument and some you’ll never win so playing the long game…

Be pleasant without getting angry. Keep your sister on good terms…well as good as you can and see how that goes. That would be my approach.

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