Advice: OOP and seeing child

My ex has an order of protection against me for her and my son. Mainly some bs that happened in 2014. I’m not going to go into detail just know I’m on the good side. So my sister asked me if I wanted my son to come over this Saturday. Now my ex is known for pulling scandalous tricks so I’m wondering if this is a setup. First off she said she was in Minnesota but is in Iowa…so…I think she is bs. My sister and grandma kept asking me if I’m ok with it like I’m missing something.oh yea why would she suggest I watch him while she goes out after filling for an order of protection. I think she is folding…from what happened earlier. I think she knows why I’m mad. Not the fact that she got pregnant by my so called friend but because she is using my son against me. Should I just fall back until I get myself together and at that point wait until I can legally be with him.

wow, that sounds a bit fkd up :confused:

hope it works out for you man,

stay strong

What should I do sir @asgoodasitgets

idk haete, wish i could tell you,

i think you should get some legal advice if you havent already
and tell them about it and your situation
maybe tell your care team as well if you have one
just hang in there and do what you think is best
i sometimes ask for guidance from a higher power but that is not for everyone
and it might make you worse if you are having symptoms.
i am under the illusion that everything happens for a reason (even the bad stuff) but
i also believe that things will all turn out better in the end if you stay true to yourself and others,

i’m not trying to tell you what to day, this is just some of the thoughts that popped out my head

Thanks. I do too believe everything happens for a reason. I decided to wait because she might try to pull one causing another episode. My grandma just asked me again and I told her I’ll wait

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are you seeing a care team? i think the more help with this you can get the better, its good you have your grandma there to talk to though.

Good luck haete, certainly not easy situation.

She shouldn’t do that. I’m sure it is hard on your son.

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