Advice on Self-Employment for projects

Is there anyone working for themselves who has to deal with quoting for work?

My Hard Landscaping business officially started at the end of June, and my run of work will come to an end in a few weeks.

I am having problems (I am not complaining though) where I started doing some advertising, and I am literally drowning in enquires from the public.

At this time I have about 10 quotes that I have priced and sent out, but I have 13 outstanding and most are due by the end of this week - and on top of that I need to see a further 7 projects this week, one of which is a 50 mile round trip

What I need to know is how do you manage this, as I am working very long hours, and obviously the quoting is unpaid.

The whole point of being self-employed for me was to be able to manage my mental health in a less pressured environment, as I found office work so draining and bad for me.

However, I am now finding that it’s hard to keep all the plates spinning.

Anyone got any wisdom from their experiences of being self-employed, as I honestly don’t know how this is sustainable.

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Honestly? Can’t you tell the persons asking for quotations how it is?

“There’s been an influx of quotations requirements, I need more time”

I’m sure most people are understanding?