Advice on a complaints process with unnamed company

I have an ongoing billing problem with a company I do not wish to name. There is a possibility that due to a mix up I may owe money.

I now have to navigate my way through a tricky complaints process and it causing me tremendous stress. As you folks will have seen I have problems with my meds right now and don’t feel mentally capable of dealing with this company on my own.

My sister, who is a very capable professional, has offered to represent my interests in this process. She says there is a big pressure on companies to be fair and willing to compromise with people with disabilities…

She says when they phone I am to state I am a vulnerable adult with disabilities which preclude me from going through the complaints process on my own and I am to give them her contact details and let her deal with them from now on.

Does this sound reasonable?

I am worried they will insist on putting my sisters name on the account, with all the ramifications this might have. I just want to authorise the company to share info with my sister - almost like power of attorney but without the official legal status.

The company were supposed to phone me today between 1 and 3 but they didnt

Yes, that sounds reasonable. Just state what your sister suggested when they call and provide your sister’s contact information (phone number):

If the company doesn’t contact you as they had told you they would, then provide the company information to your sister and ask her to contact the company for you.


When I worked in a customer call center all the customer had to do was give us his permission over the phone to deal with another person. We would note the account and there you go. That’s in the USA though

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I’m not sure Jim

many times I’ve run into if your’e an adult

you have to act on your own

even my daughter with CF, I couldn’t do anything
once she reached 20 years old

sorry it sounds stressful, but at least your sister can be moral support

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It should be fine for your sister to act on your behalf. Sometimes a simple signature is required depending on the company. When I worked for Social Services we had a special form for it due to confidentiality laws. But if it’s the power company or something like that they should be able to just take a verbal permission. I’ve called the phone company for an elderly neighbor before and all they needed was her verbal permission and I got her bill all squared away.

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Just looked it up. There seems to be a system in place. Am going to phone them now and try to set up my sisters details.


Just phoned. They will speak to my sister from now on. They were really good about it actually. Have just sent my sister a gushing email full of love and appreciation!

@Leaf @loke :hugs::hugs: and @Daze! :heart:


i’m glad your sister is such a nice person to do that :slight_smile:

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I am so proud of all my sisters. They are such high achievers yet very considerate and kind. They balance jobs and family.


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