Advice handling university with Sz?

I find I have trouble with reading; particularly reading retention. Does anyone have any tips? (What strategies helped them un school with sz?).

Is it med related my problems? (Any research studies regarding sz and reading)


Okay. I have the same issue.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel if you can keep yourself health enough to not be hospitalised though.

You have to keep on trying reading exercise. It doesn’t matter what you read. You just have to keep practicing the actual skill of reading.

I have just started my second year of a three year course.

Medication wise - I am taking aripiprazole. In terms of studies. There was one on this medication for a person with schizophrenia - - a cast study to be specific. A quick google should find it. (If not, I can search for you)

The case study basically said. After switching to aripiprazole (after using a different antipsychotic) , the patient re-enrolled into university and managed to full time continue his studies.

Back to reading.

I suggest if you have anxiety, eg palpitations or worried thoughts or nervousness feelings or excitable feelings without good cause and the opposite ofc. Then you need to control your anxiety by always trying to induce a good mood (music is what I used)

As far the skill itself. You have to retrain your mind to observe words and then you have to take more time on making sure you understand the passage you have read.

I find, if i read something I am interested in or if I am alert , I read the information better!!

You have to be really tough minded.

A really good way of getting better at readings, is to practice writing.

Everytime you write stuff, you are getting more comfortable with using the voice that you use in your head to read. You strengthen your ability to think with words and you strengthen your minds comfort with definitions of words. As you practice both writing and thinking. The next time you read. You will think clearer and better and more academically!

If you need a better answer or have specific questions you want help with, please do reply with whatevr struggles or anxieties you have

I want to help you as best as I can!!

Be assured, as long as you take your meds to control the major symptoms of sz. The rest is personal willpower and good stress management!

May you be bless with luck with this awesome endeavour! It’s hard work! But it’s so rewarding when your brain starts to understand ideas again!!!

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And @CanadianGuy welcome to the forum! This is actually a really good place and the community so far (I’m pretty new myself) are incredibly nice and informative and welcoming!


If you either record lectures yourself, or obtain them from staff, I used to listen to them over and over until I fully retained the subject matter. Made comprehension of the texts much easier to pick up and understand

I studied History and Sociology, so with the history all you have to do is argue a case with quotations made by dead people (Or the occasional live one!), and sociology just understand social structures and the framework of grand theories etc.

I would assume all subjects have a similar way of assessing you, you just need to work out what they want you to regurgitate back to them, and you should get a decent grade. You won’t hit full freedom to be original until your Masters/phd. I tried to be very original. Some people loved it others hated me for it

Don’t try and argue for communism to a capitalist etc.

Write for your audience.

Can’t comment on STEM subjects - although I wish I had a decent high school education so I could have studied in this area.


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