Advice from Case Manager

Today my case manager has advised this for my Landscaping business

  • Use the additional resource at my disposal to complete the live project, and just check in a few times a day to supervise until conclusion

  • Off-load the projects on the book to relieve immediate pressure - lets face it, at this point I do not think my physical ability is now aligned to my mental state

  • Re-orientate the business after an extended break of perhaps 1-2 months, and re-focus my attention on smaller projects (c<1 week)

  • Rebuild the customer base, and do enough to pay the bills and allow more free time to relieve stress and maintain a good level of mental health

Makes sense to me. Although my parents took some convincing, and to the point I don’t think they’re fully on board


Sounds like a good plan.


Sounds like you have a wise Case Manager. I feel relieved for you.


I hope it all works out. Hopefully that’ll show your parents it’s a good thing you’re doing