Advice For When You Are About to Die If You Are Able Too

  1. Drink or eat something that you previously avoided because you were afraid it would harm you.
  2. Ask your favorite nurse to pose nude, sleep, or have sex with you. What do you have to lose?
  3. Break a law that does not harm anyone but in doing so gives you pleasure. What are they going to do? Arrest you?
  4. Do something really stupid that does not harm anyone or go against your religious beliefs.
  5. Tell your voices that you enjoyed their company. I don’t mean to depress you but they may be the last friends you have.
  6. If you still have bothersome schizophrenia symptoms tell as many people involved in your care “Thanks for nothing.”, or better yet “Thanks for trying.”
  7. Tell that stupid joke that was going to make you famous.
  8. If you are expected to die today ask for the weather tomorrow.

When I thought I was going to die, I did almost all of these things. Was a bit embarassing when I survived, tbqh. Glad I did, though.


No doubt I will hear voices on my deathbed. If I knew it was going to happen, I would start overthinking it and boom…here they would come.

There are people who hear voices when they die due to delirium. But from what I know, these voices aren’t aggressive like what sz voices often are. Near-death experience is often very peaceful.

Like @ninjastar, when I thought I was going to die, I did almost all of these things myself (other than breaking the law and sleeping with nurses lol). And when my seizures stopped after 3-4 months, I was like wait…so I’m not going to die. Oh well, at least I did all those things. I was just glad that I didn’t have mitochondrial myopathy.


All depends on where you’re headed. My ex gf’s father was an abusive, alcoholic pedophile all his life and when he was dying, he was fighting with a spiritual tormenter.

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