Advice for starting volunteer work?

This job is 4 hours a week, done at home over the phone & computer.

When I was doing my orientation/minitraining with one of the ladies, she said I did well, although, I still have to do proper training with one of the more experienced ladies.

I’ve done call centre work in the past, but not in this capacity plus it’s been a while so I’m rusty/nervous.

Any advice on sticking with the job and alleviating some of the stress with the job?

I’d really appreciate it…

Thanks for reading :sunflower:

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I tried volunteering at a call center once but couldn’t make it through training bc it was too time consuming :grimacing: I made friends with some other people in training and that helped alleviate stress because after a tense scenario I could unwind with them and talk about it.


I hope that you can try to focus on the value behind volunteering. I don’t know you but I’m very proud of you for getting out of your own head long enough to do this.

Try a controlled breathing exercise like the one I got taught. Just remember 5-5-7. Breath in for a count of five, hold for a count of five and exhale for a count of seven. Supposedly this changes your brain chemistry enough to help with anxiety, I admit it helps when I remember to do it.

Good luck honey and keep up the good work!


Yes, thank you. It’s for a cat rescue, so that’s why I thought I’d enjoy it. The job itself can be stressful because you’re dealing with folks who might possibly be unprepared/uneducated about animals, so yeah.

Your tip about focusing on the value of volunteering makes sense. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

Thanks again!

and @Anna yes you’re right, some of the girls there are new as well, and they seem nice.


Ohh ok yeah I did like a “call us if you’re struggling and need to talk to someone” phone line. Cat rescue would be a bit less stressful I think lol. Good luck making friends still though!


So I’ve completed my first volunteer shift today, and it was mentally exhausting. This gig is not for me (mostly because of the owner).

I do better when I’m working behind the scenes with things like data entry, & light admin. I can only find this type of work with an employment agency that deals with folks who are mentally ill.

I’ll focus on completing my studies and inquire about volunteer/regular work then.

Kind feel defeated though.

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at least you tried, job well done

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Do you have a local volunteer centre?

I’ve been volunteering at mine for a number of years and I’m now a social media volunteer…

So I manage there twitter and Facebook accounts. Schedule posts and retweet anything relevant.

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Sorta. It’s just a place where they have a list of volunteer connections in the community. But I see a lot of stuff online asking for people to manage social media.

Thanks for the tip @JH85

and thanks again @tera, I did try!

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