Advice for finding 'your true self'

What helped you to better understand yourself? Your desires? And your true personality colors?

Maybe some tests or practical advice⭐️


Slow down my thinking and read, read and read anything that I like, helps me overcome some of the negative thinking and unprocessed trauma. Also, understand a bit more about my likes and passion.

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Because I need to mention,
I know that I am lost for many many years. One thing seems better, that I started having days from time to time when I feel comfortable and happy in myself.
But MOST of the time, I am very uncertain about what I want, what I like.

I just had written a post where I say, that I literally don’t know what to do with my appearance, but I deleted it.
And not only about appearance… sometimes I feel quite lost in every area.

But I have one advice for myself and all of you - Diary. Writing a diary.
I started understanding that I am sensitive and not the worst person in this earth after I started writing diary


Wow, that’s a nice one.
I love to read and probably I need to do it even more often!

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I was kind of a jerk in my first marriage…my second wife, current, taught me a lot about understanding what it means to be married, self sacrifice, dedication, and comprimising on things we need to…


Be Oppistimistic, always find the great/good in the slightest spark of the cosmos.


It’s so so beautiful.
I have bf for more than two years… and my ugly character started becoming softer.
I am still a volcano from time to time, but I started forgiving and being… softer maybe? more


Ahhh a good one!

I still enjoy this test.
Last several times I am still getting INFP.
It gave me some… ideas

For me finding yourself is about taking control over the mind. Often the mind and spirit are in conflict of interest. The mind is just a tool like the body, my spirit is the real me.


I think there’s no way around requiring some experience.

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I shift between different world views and ideas about myself a lot. I get conpletely obsorbed into reading about some new ideology/religion/belief for a few weeks and then fall away from it and get depressed. Its a frustrating habit. But ive definitely learned a lot along the way. I find it hard to just ‘beleive in myself’ or ‘do what makes you happy’ like a lot of people say. Simple ways and things like that dont feel like enough for me.


For me they key is learning to trust and believe in me through self care.

This involves physical self care like my eating habits and physical activity.

But also nurturing my mind and heart. Eg reading, studying, playing an instrument, painting and so forth.

Which includes positive affirmations and logically working through unhelpful thinking patterns also with help from therapy

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I know I descend from little beans who sang soul songs by the fire while dodging the busters who wear wires.

:relieved: :sunglasses:


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