Advice about guy I met

Hi! This time last year while I was applying to medical school I met a guy at one of my interviews. After the interview it turned out that we were on the same plane and talked for four hours. Afterwards we got on the plane and it turned out he was seated right in front of me and asked for my number. After that we exchanged phone conversations for a few weeks until my phone died permanently and I lost his number. Then it turned out that he was accepted to a three year accelerated medical program. He deleted his facebook and I lost all contact with him. Should I visit his college in Wisconsin to look for him or move on? It seems like more than a coincidence that we met but at this point I am living in Hawaii and need to take care of me own life (get an accounting degree, try to heal, look for new relationships). Should I forget about this guy that is now a doctor?

Seems like a long shot, long distance things rarely work out. nothing wrong with getting in touch with him, maybe it will go somewhere.

If he doesn’t have another girlfriend you should look him up, if you feel like it, but don’t get your hopes up too high. A lot stands in the way of this relationship.

I think I would do what I can to find him from Hawaii I think traveling is pretty extreme for as well as you know him. If its to be I think you’ll find him online. There’s other fish in the sea.

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Thanks for the advice, guys! I forgot to mention I actually got his number a few months later but he changed it so now it’s a different person…

It’s just that he made so many advances on me and then disappeared so suddenly after getting into med school. I really like him and keep thinking he’ll come back after medical school or something. From the federal money I get every month I can save enough to pay his school a visit. Idk.

Don’t go to Wisconsin it’s cold there. Stay in sunny Hawaii If you really like him look him up on Facebook but don’t go looking for him. This ain’t the movies.


Deleting his facebook, changing his number, and not intentionally giving you another way to contact him are all pretty clear signs to me that he doesn’t want to hear from you anymore. If the guy really liked you, he would have made sure to give you his new number. If he wanted to contact you, he could have called, facebook messaged, or e-mailed you at any time. He hasn’t done that. Move on, and be happy with your life in Hawaii. Find a guy who actually returns your feelings. Sorry to be so blunt, but I’ve wasted years chasing people who weren’t interested, and I wish someone had been blunt with me back then.