Adventures in hospitalization

Now in my third hospital this week. Hometown hospital referred me to the nearest city. Nearest city spent a few days fooling around with my symptoms before realizing they were outclassed by the rarity of my heart condition, thus, another referral today. Was transferred by ambulance.

Gong show.

I left the old hospital before lunch so they phoned ahead and told them to set aside a tray for me. Which was given to someone else, but, hey, here’s a dry piece of toast. Mrs. Pixel absconded with my bank and credit card late last week after forgetting hers and didn’t return mine so, so much for ordering out for food. Finally, got stuck in a room with three other patients plus a hanger-on (wife of one guy was somehow staying there with him in violation of the rules). I don’t do well with people I don’t know crammed in my space. Most I can handle is a semi-private room, and that just barely. Had a massive migraine by the time they moved me to the semi. I think the reason they moved me was to avoid having to eject the wife who isn’t supposed to be staying in the room 24/7.

Currently trying to ignore the lonely senior next to me. Two hours of wearing headphones and staring pointedly at phone should be enough of a hint for most, but… (sigh)

I need to get back to my family, my house, and my cat. I hate dealing with strangers F2F. They suck.



keep your head up Pixel, I know it can be hard, I have to go to a hospital in two weeks to get an assessment done, it will take three days and they are ‘boarding’ me for those days to prevent ‘tampering’ what ever that means…I hate being in the hospital because every time I go in they room me with the most out of touch guy or gal in the ward. Last time I got stuck with a chronic masturbator. Well she apparently had that chronic arousal thing, but its gross to be in a bed with nothing but a thin cloth to keep the other person from seeing you and all you can hear is moaning.

Also, why the hell isn’t my local psych ward segregated by sex anymore?

@velociraptor I’m really sorry that you’re still in the hospital. I hope they sort out you out ASAP and get you back home to Mrs. Pixel, Miss Pixlet, and PixKitty.

With respect to hospital roommates, sounds like you lucked out compared to @Dremulf :grin:Just trying to see the glass as half full!

Anyway, I hope you’re back to 100% soon. Take care.

Well, at least you’ve got your phone and headphones. Hospitals can be a bit sucky.

Sorry, @pixel…I would hate to be in that situation. I hope progress is made today and you get results and can go home asap!!! :heart:

Oh, ‘Captain Fap’. Yeah, I keep getting paired up with those losers, too. I’d honestly rather die than visit a psych ward again.

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Sorry you’re still in the hospital for a heart issue, that sounds serious! Glad they were able to get you into a more private room situation.

I hope you get better pixel. I worry about my heart a lot… I hope it doesn’t hurt.

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That sounds like a horrible experience !!! Where i got hospitalized, all the rooms were for 1 person each…

I’m on hour 13 of a bad migraine. Doctor doesn’t want to give morphine for it in case the morphine masks future chest pains. Fine, I’m a quick study. I no longer report new chest pains because they give me nitroglycerin that leads to more migraines. The chest pains fade after a couple of hours. The migraines don’t fade without medication.

Law of unintended consequences.


Yikes! :pray: wtf is wrong? They don’t know, I assume.

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Be careful, don’t be too smart for your own good… I admit it sounds like a crappy deal. But not reporting chest pains when you’re supposed to sounds like playing with fire.

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Indeed, but they didn’t kill me when I was working with them last week. Can’t take this migraine getting worse again

OK, once the migraine goes away have a think about it. I wish I could help.

Hang in there, Pix! We’re all rooting for you!! :sunny:

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My migraines don’t go away for days without Demerol or morphine. Especially not if I am stressed and out of environment I can control.

I am informing them of chest pain but refusing nitroglycerine. Doctor is apparently on his way to argue with me.

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My ward has nurses who can’t speak understandable English, but apparently filled some sort of ethnic hiring quota. We have university graduates in our province who can’t find a job, but we can import people if they’re the right colour, apparently. Sigh.

Asked four times about help bathing today. Nope. Can’t get disconnected from the telemetry package. Can I at least get help with a sponge bath? Sorry, too busy.

Haven’t had a BM since Tuesday. Worried about a diverticulitis flare-up because of the growing gut pain. Had to ask about four times today for a laxative. Am I allowed to walk around to promote bowel motility? Nope. Betting I’ll have diverticulitis within two days at this rate.

The next person I hear talk about how great Canadian health care is gets clubbed like a Hitler pinata at a barmitzvah.


Have been waiting for an angiogram since last Thursday when I was first put on the list. Every time someone has a heart attack I get bumped to the next day. And again. And again. REALLY hoping they get me in today, but the day is already half gone and there is no word. I am really having a hard time not sliding towards relapse here. Too much going on. Too many strange people. No privacy.

That all sounds extremely difficult. I hope you receive the treatment and daily care you need to heal fully.

Right now I’d just settle for some privacy. Probably 75% of the patients on the cardio ward are seniors who can’t find a bed in a long-term care facility. There is a real shortage of those in Canada. So they are warehoused in regular hospital wards. My washroom is shared with three of them. They are all in various stages of dementia and have no concept of privacy or knocking before entering. Gawd.