Advantages of being small

When I go to sit down next to someone on an airplane they always smile when they find out I’m the one sitting next to them. I’m only 160 lbs so I guess there’s smaller people. But I feel bad for people who are overweight and have to get dirty looks for sitting next to someone on a plane. Some ppl will buy two seats to save them from the dirty looks.

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How tall are you? Weight and height go hand in hand

5’6 160. Hopefully you’re not attracted to short people so now you will stop hitting on me! :smile:


I weigh 175 5’9 my shoulders are really broad but hips are small…if I lock myself out the house I can fit through the tiny window I leave unlocked…

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■■■■ :sob: :frowning:

I have a feeling it doesn’t bother you quite as much as you say lol

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I love Castilian guys. I knew one in college and was smitten by him. He married somebody else. It’s been more than 20 years and I still think of him.

He was from Madrid. Tall thin wavy brown hair with chestnut colored eyes long eyelashes. Beautiful man rosy cheeks.

@Sooner88 you could just pick @chew up like a teddy bear huh…lol

Certain positions in sex are easier if you are small. :slight_smile:


Not saying that. I just like small guys that’s all. I would not try to pick him up.

I was joking too…

Apparently @chew isn’t joking, he’s flagged 3 of my posts now. He even flagged a PM. Jerk. I hate chew now. :frowning:

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Only 2 but I’m glad :wink:

You know what I was lying I don’t hate you but damn, you acted like you didn’t mind. You should just speak up for yourself instead of flagging things.

Ummm get a hint. I told you I’m not gay and I said I don’t like when you hit on me like that. I gave you a long leash but then it got to be too much and I had to flag you. I shouldn’t have to tell you. It was getting pretty creepy. You didn’t get banned all you got was a warning to not do it again. So don’t complain too badly. Hopefully my message is clearer now…


Dammit… I always have this problem… :frowning: