Advanced spirits

People always assume that spirits don’t know jack about technology.

Quite the opposite.

They have stuff we can’t even fathom as of yet. No one has even thought or dreamt of it yet.

Must everything be backwards?


William? Is that you?

Not william, im some other guy.

Are you talkin bout the butt cheeks guy? That kind of grew on me after a few moments actually.

Spirits don’t exist.

Other beings are indeed real.

Said beings know of our existance yes.

These beings are made of real things, have minds, worlds that they exist as and in, oh they are very very real. Look into it instead of assuming.

Spirits DO exist! I’ve seen them. (Not hallucination)

Spirits do exist, for example, I have pics of myself with balls of shadow a bit behind me. Last year, I accidentally picked up some of the voices on my laptop while recording and also did an EVP scan on my phone with this ghost hunting app and caught some. 2 of them were talking about me and mentioned that I was a “conduit,” whatever that means. All this while living in the same house I got sz in. I been attacked in sleep paralysis in that house, too before getting sz. Don’t know if they’re both linked, but I was scared shet less with all of it.

If that’s William he’s short a few buttcheeks and then some.


Conduit for what i wonder?

Alot of conduits down here. Something that let’s it pass through, or it passes through very well.

Before the voices labeled me a “conduit,” they asked each other, “is he talking to us?” so is it possible that I have uncontrolled telepathy? Why the spirits in that house were attracted to me so much since I have a history of being attacked through sleep paralysis, like I woke up one day unable to move and something sucking my neck. This was also before getting sz, way before. And only in that house have I had constant sleep paralysis…

If I can extract the sound file from my broken iPod then I’ll share it here. I shared my best friend the data and he was spooked, too. But I’ll try my best getting it…

Jack Daniels is a pretty advanced spirit. Too much of that guy and you’ll be on the floor :blush:

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