Adrenaline alternative

Someone once told me that in order to quit an unhealthy addiction, I’d have to replace it with something that gets my adrenaline going. Doing burnouts in a car, riding a motorcycle, going on roller coasters, anything to replace a high that drugs once gave.

I’ve realized there aren’t a whole lot of options when it comes to getting the heart thumping. Basketball used to be it, making a game winning basket- nothing felt better but covid put an end to that.

Do you do anything for your adrenaline fix?

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Video games, Call of Duty.

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Happy birthday :smiley:

No, it takes a lot to get me excited these days personally. Fortunately , I havnt done any non prescription drugs in years.

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i do mountain bike, snowboard, go karts, heavy metal guitar.

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Adrenaline comes from cortisol, a stress hormone and too much of it is very bad and can even cause heart attack in some. Other effects include insomnia, muscle wasting, anxiety, paranoia etc. There are many activities which can raise adrenaline. A safe and useful activity is exercise and workouts. Many drugs also raise adrenaline levels like L tyrosine, wellbutrin etc and there is norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors too like atomoxetine (strattera) which is used for treating ADHD.


Epipen… :slight_smile:
But more seriously, keep looking and more and more things will pop out at you as adrenaline pumping imho, I think that kind of search takes time.

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I’ve found that exercise is a positive improvement. It’s hard with sz because of the negs but it’s a positive replacement. You can start small but it builds slow and works in the end…at least for me.


What he was probably getting at, but wasn’t aware of it, was adrenaline releases endorphins.

Working out also releases endorohins, And is the more reasonable approach to feeling good.

So, I’ve found that at my ripe old age of 38 (lol), I’m not able to take risks like I used to. So most of my workouts are done at the gym and at home on my exercise bike. I will go out on my regular bicycle though (which is adrenaline AND a natural release of enorphins) from time to time. But my rides are more for recreation than speed/adrenaline.

@lifer gets his ‘kicks’ lifting weights. Lifting doesn’t work for me tho, so everyone is different.

Just my $.02

Edit: endorphins are chemicals in your brain that when released are ‘the natural high.’ You just gotta find your new drug of choice. For me it’s cycling, and others it may be rowing/running/lifting. This can be confusing, but LMK if you need something explained/clarified

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my dad still does extreme mountain biking and hes 58 lol. he loves the adrenaline of going fast and doing jumps and stuff. but he did just dislocate his shoulder recently so he knows hes not invincible. I wonder if he will tone it down on the jumps/speed.
Its tough to know when to tone the danger level down.

Ive been doing extreme sports since i was 11, so i think my brain is naturally wired to more adrenaline :joy:


The thing is,for me, I don’t have anyone to nurse me back to health if I get sick. So it’s very important that I stay healthy.

And for me an extreme sport would be road cycling. But it’s just flat out too expensive and I don’t want to get run over by a car.

My Dad died in a motorcycle accident 15 years ago and I’m SUPER paranoid about other motorists. If you’ve ever driven a car you know what I’m talking about.

Thus my tag line. It’s not to meant to meet other bikers, it’s for real.

Sorry to make things weird, it just comes up from time to time…


True, we also live in canada where our healthcare visit for injuries is covered so that definitely takes that factor out.

Yeah motorcycling is dangerous in traffic. Cars don’t really know how to act with motorcycles. sorry to hear about your dad.

I rode motos in thailand quite a bit, it was very different because there are so many bikes and a lot less cars. so the cars are used to driving with motos. still very dangerous though, starting at a redlight with like 60 other bikes lol.

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this was the parking lot for the mall in phuket town, thailand lol


That’s awesome.

I once heard that in one of those SE Asian countries stealing someones motorbike would be like an unspeakable crime. So much so that it almost never happenes, even though it would be so easy with those lite bikes.

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yeah i never seen anyone steal a bike there. prob thai mafia might teach ya a lesson :crazy_face:


I’m not really an expert on this, but I do know that adrenaline (aka. epinephrine) comes from noradrenaline, which comes from dopamine, which comes from L-dopa, which comes from tyrosine. Part of the tyrosine comes from phenylalanine. Tyrosine and phenylalanine are amino acids that come from diet and/or supplements (proteins). Some herbs also contain L-dopa, at least mucuna pruriens does.

Yes, cortisol is catabolic. Adrenaline is actually good for the muscles because it increases blood flow to them. Some people use adrenergic beta2-agonists such as clenbuterol for anabolic effects.



Adrenaline, The Deftones Probably.

I Don’t Seek ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’. (Not Bad).

I Get Too Bored For My Own Good. Although After Spending Some Study On The Gruesome. As A ‘Teenager’. I Learned Nothing Truly Honest Waits In That Human Condition.

It’s A Wasteful Declaration Of Independence.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
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I haven’t tried L dopa but tried L tyrsone and it raised heart rate, raised anxiety etc not good for general well being. Another thing is it raises thyroid hormones and giving hyperthyroid like symptoms.

Safe alternative for raising cortisol alone is caffeine from coffee or strong tea. Anyway its better to have have low cortisol as too much of it can cause various issues.

The cortisol level curve is supposed to rise in the mornings and fall gradually over the day. I read that burnout (which I have) blunts this curve.


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