Admitted to my nurse I had reduced my meds without dr permission


Of late I had become very suspicious of my support worker. I felt he was submitting notes regarding what I had said in meetings to his boss. In turn I thought his boss was passing these onto the benefits people.

See I have a fixed thought that the benefits people are following me with cameras trying to find evidence to put me in jail. Previously I thought my landlord and neighbours were in on it.

Unfortunately since I halved my quetiapine I thought my community nursing team was in on it too.

I phoned the team on Friday and told them not to come out to mine anymore.

This set alarm bells ringing so my nurse phoned me today. At first I wasn’t going to say anything, fearing it would be used against me in court. But I caved in and told her everything I thought. She was very supportive and her and my support worker are coming out on Thursday.

Suffice it to say am back on meds now. Still feel like I am under surveillance so I drew the curtains today. Everything should even out in a week or so.

Feel so foolish about the last 3 weeks. :weary:


That’s the best thing you could have ever done. Good move.


I get simmilar feelings that Im benig followed by benifits people and my phone is tapped. I have been experiencing this for three years now despite the meds. My mental health team have been very supportive assuring me I have nothing to worry about on the benifits front. I am wating for them to change my DLA to PIP but have heard nothing about it yet.

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Yeah I am still on DLA too. I think a lot of my thoughts of being followed stem from Cameron’s governments approach to benefits: that we are all fraudulent lay claiming benefits. This thought has terrified me for the last 5 years.

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Me too especialy the thought of a face to face assesment.

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I can help you both when you need to apply for PIP.


Well done for telling them the truth of how you feel. I wish you well @Jimbob

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Thanks Simon. 1515

Thanks from me too :slight_smile:

its not your fault that you feel this way its the illness and unfortunately we need meds to regulate our sanity,

i take meds too and every time i have tried to stop them or lowered the dose too much it has had a detrimental effect on my mental health,

i have found a dose that i can live with just now and i think i’ll need to stick to that for the foreseeable, its ok bc its manageable and the docs know about it.

the thoughts about the doctors being against you are another symptom of the illness bc of the times we live in and the cruelness of the system in regards to the assessments process (which is independent)

i trust my care team though as they have always helped me and i have just got to hope that they will help me in these cases and you and everybody else under their care, bc if they are not trying to help us then they are not doing their job and that is not allowed as they are bound by an oath to put the needs of the patients first,

i looked for a website with rules that the doctors and psychiatrists follow but it wasnt easy reading, if @SzAdmin could help find an easier readable current version of the oaths doctors and psychiatrists follow and direct us to it then that would be awesome, it would be even better or comforting if this information was published on this website for further observation (freely available)

in my understanding doctors and psychiatrists can lose their licences to practice if they break these rules.

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This is something I would never do: Go off of my meds. I would have to be totally confused to go off of my meds. In fact, I was confused the last time I went off of my meds for 24 hours and ended up psychotic and in the hospital. The whole experience taught me the importance of using a medi planner.

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