Adjusting to new economic realities

Well, the low price of oil combined with an early summer drought has made the Western Canadian economy a bit poopy to say the least. Discretionary spending has been cut everywhere. Since most of what my business does is covered by peoples’ discretionary spending, things are slower than hell.

Picked up a two day a week bus driving contract. Have an interview Wednesday about driving a fuel truck to refuel rural fuel tanks. They hired someone previously, but that person didn’t turn out to be reliable, so I’m back in for a shot at it. Getting the second gig (they’re willing to work around my bus driving) will really help out, and still leave me some flexibility with my own business.

Wish me luck.



Hope things turn around for you soon…

Good luck … and best wishes.

It’s good you’re able to put your hand to a lot of different jobs…

Good luck. Things are bound to pick up sooner or later.

Best of luck @MrSquirrel

Good luck. Hope you make enough money.

You’ll be fine, I get the impression you have the ability to land on your feet. Good luck!

My face, too. :frowning:



All the best to you @MrSquirrel

Got the fuel truck gig! The owner would actually like me to work full-time, but realized I made a commitment to the school and is happy to have me part-time at the outset. The pay is surprisingly good and a huge financial weight has been lifted off of our family. I’ve got my eye on one small toy in the near future but otherwise plan to behave and pay down bills and stash some $$$ back in savings.




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Good luck pix! remember you deserve it…

Actually have to remember how to drive a split-shift Eaton 18-speed tranny. Been a while!


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Yeah that sounds like a helluva task…

Good to see you got the position…